Upcoming Events

  • Annual Utsavam 2017

    As is tradition, the annual utsavam this year too is slated for the malayalam month of chingam, and will take off with the dhwajarohanam (kodiyettam) ceremony on sunday, the 20th august, 2017. This eight day long celebrations will conclude with dhwajavarohanam (kodiyirakkam), aarattu and pushpabhishekam on sunday, 27th  august, 2017.  It is once again our good fortune that this year too, we will be blessed with the auspicious presence of thantri, brahmasri anujan narayanan namboodiripad of puliyannoor mana, kerala, under whose aegis all the religious ceremonies will be conducted. Preceding these ceremonies as always,  laksharchana & kalabhabhishekam will be held on 18th  august 2017.

    Some of the key highlights of annual utsavam 2017 are as under :-
    • Laksharchana and kalabhabhishekam under the aegis of thantri on 18th august.
    • Praasada sudhi kalasa pooja on 18th august.
    • Bimba sudhi kalasa pooja on 19th august.
    • Kodiyettam on 20th august [evening].
    • Special ayilya pooja [naga pooja] by thantri on 21st august [morning].
    • Utsavabali on 22nd august.
    • Special ashtadravya ganapathy homam on the occasion of vinayaka chaturthy, mahakalasam, and pushpabhishekam for lord ganapathy by thantri on 25th august.
    • Pallivetta on 26th august.
    • Kodiyirakkam, aarattu, kodikkal para and arattu sadhya on 27th august.
    • Pushpabhishekam for lord guruvayurappan on 27th august [evening].