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    Through the last several years, there has been a demand within the Executive Committee of ADP for conducting Devaprasnam. Though, whenever this issue was raised before the Thantri, it was categorically stated that no omen (nimitham) was ever observed warranting Devaprasnam and that such a ritual cannot be conducted just on a whim.  Recently however, the death by suicide, of a Brahmin boy in the Karthiayani Socio Cultural Complex forced the Executive Committee to raise the issue again with the Thantri, who now has consented to conduct this ritual.

    Accordingly, from a panel of four renowned astrologers named by the Thantri, a draw was conducted by Melshanthi in front of the Sreekovil. Through this process, Astrologer B/Shri Puduvamana Haridasan Namboodiripad was selected as the “Devajnan”.

    To proceed further, as per custom and tradition, Secretary, ADP accompanied by the Thantri B/Shri Dileep Namboodiripad met the Devajnan on 28thJune, 2018 at his Illam in Arayankavu, Ernakulam.  It was revealed by the Devajnan that based on the “rasi” of the invitation, there seems to be an association with “mruthyu” – a ‘dosha stithi’ afflicting the temple. He suggested that the following poojas and measures be taken with a view to pre-empt its ill effects:-

    • Ganapathy Homam, Maha Mruthyunjaya Homam and Bhagawathy Sewa to be performed by the Thantri well before the beginning of Devaprasnam. (This has been performed by the Thantri on 8th July)
    • Increasing the quantity of milk, coconut water (karikku) towards daily Abhishekam of Lord Guruvayurappan apart from recitation of “Sapta Sudhi Japan” 108 times during Sankhabhishekam. (This has been implemented and is being done daily)
    • Offering of Nei Vilakku, Pushpa Mala and Palpayasam to Lord Guruvayurappan in Guruvayur as Vazhipad from the temple. (This will be offered on Saturday, the 14thJuly, 2018)

    As next steps, the date of Ashta Mangala Devaprasnam has been fixed for 29th, 30th and 31stJuly, 2018.  The Devajnan will be assisted by Edakkadu Shri Devidasan Gurukkal and Shri Sankaran Namboodiri of Payyanur.  Thantri B/Shri Narayanan Namboodiripad and B/Shri Dileep Namboodiripad will be present.

    All devotees are welcome to participate in this ritual.

    NOTE :  The ritual will start at 9 AM on 29th July and the further time schedule shall be decided by the Devajnan and will be announced during the course of the ritual.

    29th to 31st July, 2018